3 Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make When Renting a Crane for Construction Work

Renting a crane is a crucial decision for your construction project. However, people who have used crane-rental services before will tell you that some things could go wrong if you are unaware of the possible blunders you could make in the rental process. These mistakes could cost you peace of mind, effort, time, and money. Read on to discover the top three pitfalls to avoid when renting a crane for construction work so you do not have to learn the hard way.

1. Failing to Research Different Construction Rental Firms

Going with the first crane rental company that comes your way is probably one of the gravest mistakes you should not commit. While time may not be on your side, you must take some to evaluate different rental firms. This way, you will select a  company that can go out of its way to ensure you have quality and reliable equipment. Ask them whether they offer installation and maintenance during the rental period. It is in your best interest to go with a company that can regularly inspect your construction crane to ensure it is at peak performance. And if the crane breaks down, they can quickly replace it to ensure minimal downtime.

2. Skipping Site Preparation

You might need to rent a crane and finish your construction work ASAP, but don't be hasty. You need a robust site plan before executing the rental process. Be sure to evaluate the site location, project details, handling zone, construction materials, and accessibility of the site. Armed with the site plan, you can adequately organize your site and determine the best crane to handle your project efficiently. A construction rental service can evaluate your site plan and help you pick a suitable unit to accomplish your task quickly and effectively.

3 Not Having the Necessary Permits

Like any other heavy construction equipment, a crane might require a permit. You must get all the necessary crane operation permits before renting one. This will save you from the costly penalties of operating a crane without relevant authorization. You may also be required to cover any damage caused while using a crane illegally. When you have a crane rental company by your side, they can help you know the permits you require and even guide you on how to acquire them.

Now you know the common mistakes people make when renting a crane. Avoiding them will make your crane rental process quicker and smoother. Whenever you need construction equipment rentals, reach out to a local provider.