Specs to Seek Out in an Electric Conduit Bender

Thanks to conduits, electrical wires can be protected and remain so for a long time. You'll have an easier time manipulating conduits as an electrical contractor when you invest in an electric conduit bender, which will work great when it has a couple of key specs. 

1. Compatible Material Support

You can find differences in the conduit materials that a particular bender machine can support. It's thus imperative to get a bender that offers compatible material support from the beginning. 

For instance, if you're trying to bend rigid conduits to house electrical wires around a structure, the conduit bender needs to be geared towards rigid conduits. Then you'll have an easier time getting optimal bending without putting the conduit materials through too much stress. There shouldn't be any cracking or breakage that happens ultimately. 

2. Included Bend Chart for Added Guidance 

When you complete a bend on a conduit for electrical work, you probably are looking to achieve a particular angle at the end. That depends on how the conduit is being structured to support electrical wiring around a building or structure.

You won't struggle to achieve accurate bends at certain angles when you get a conduit bender with a chart guide. It will show you exactly how much bending needs to take place to reach a particular angle. These charts ultimately can help you work a lot smarter and thus not waste any conduit materials in your possession.

3. Puncture-Proof Wheels

When you purchase an electric conduit bender, you'll have to move it around work sites from time to time. There will be wheels to aid this type of activity, and they'll work out great for a long time if you ensure they have a puncture-proof design.

Whether you take this electric conduit bender over dirt paths or sections of gravel, the tires should resist puncturing and continue giving you optimal movement. You'll still need to maintain these tires appropriately like giving them enough air when they become low. You'll just have less to worry about in terms of structural damage showing up.

Electrical conduit benders can make it very easy to manipulate conduits in different directions based on what your electrical projects call for. You should look over these models carefully to find one perfectly suited to your electrical work and needs. Then this machine will continue making a difference in reducing labor and time when bending conduits.