Tips When Operating A Dirt Hauling Truck Around A Construction Site

You'll often find a lot of dirt hauling trucks on construction sites. They have a lot of room in the back for all kinds of construction materials. If you're tasked with driving one during a construction project, these operational tips will get you comfortable with the type of driving you'll be doing. 

Avoid Going Over Suggested Weight Capacity

Every type of dirt hauling truck has a weight limit that should be observed when moving dirt and other construction materials around. If you don't follow this suggested weight capacity, the truck could be weighted unevenly and then be more prone to tipping over. You could also do damage to the hydraulic systems that lift the bed for loading and unloading.

As such, before you ever step foot inside a dirt hauling truck, see how much total weight it can support at one time and still perform optimally. Then always review weight quantities of materials to ensure you do go over-capacity at any point.

Work With a Partner

It's always advisable to have a partner help you work with a dump hauling truck. There are several reasons for this type of thinking. For one, having a partner gives you an extra set of eyes when navigating around a busy construction zone. They can tell you to stop if you're about to hit another construction vehicle or structure.

You also want a partner helping you use this dirt hauling truck when unloading materials. They can line you up just right near the drop-off point, ensuring the materials are unloaded safely and at the right location.

Inspect as Frequently as You Can

Since dirt hauling trucks are put through a lot on a construction site, regular inspections are huge in keeping this truck functioning how it should. The more frequent your inspections are, the easier time you'll have picking up on certain problems.

Put together a checklist of parts you'll want to inspect on this dirt hauling truck, including the engine, transmission, chassis, hydraulic system, and wheels. You can mark off potential red flags as you go along, knowing they need to be professionally examined before this hauling truck is used again.

Construction sites often require materials to be moved around, especially dirt during the excavating portion of the build. You need to use a dirt hauling truck to move this material appropriately, which can go your way every time if you're smart about operational details.