4 Things You Should Know About Insulated Concrete Forms

When it comes to building, you are likely to come across building materials and terms that you may not be familiar with. One of those building materials that many people are not familiar with are insulated concrete forms (ICF).

#1: Insulated Concrete Forms Are Building Blocks

Insulated concrete forms are essentially building blocks, or framework, that reinforced concrete is laid down around. An insulated concrete form acts as a permanent substrate for roofs, floors, and walls. It can be used as both an interior and an exterior substrate. It is made from a rigid thermal insulation material and helps to provide a solid framework for reinforced concrete.

#2: Insulated Concrete Forms Offer Design Flexibility

It is easy to hear the words "concrete form" and think that this type of building material doesn't offer a lot of flexibility. However, that is far from the truth. With ICF, you can design your home any shape or size that you want to. The ICF, and the concrete that they support, can be adjusted to fit whatever design you have in mind. You don't have to have a square shape building because you are using ICF.

#3: Insulated Concrete Forms Require Low Labor & Equipment Needs

Another neat thing about insulated concrete forms is that they can help simplify the construction process, reducing the time required to build a home or business. ICF is easy to install and doesn't require a lot of labor or special equipment in order to complete the insulation. ICF simplifies the required equipment in contrast to other building methods, such as a wood frame raised building. By reducing the labor and equipment needed to build your building, you can save on costs as well.

#4: Insulated Concrete Forms are Eco-Friendly

Finally, insulated concrete forms are eco-friendly. ICFs are great at preventing the loss of heat from buildings and stopping the flow of outside energy into your building. The way ICFs are constructed, the cement is poured in between the walls of the ICF, helping to eliminate thermal bridging and creating an extremely high level of insulation for your home, which translates to great energy savings. This is a great material if you want to create a more energy-efficient building, especially if you combine ICF with other eco-friendly building materials.

ICFs are a way to build and construct a home or building. ICFs are building blocks that can be used to create flexible designs while providing you with an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home. Contact heavy construction equipment suppliers to learn more.