Steps Necessary To Hiring A Reliable Plant Relocation Service

Relocating a plant from one place of business to another is a complex process that should not be undertaken by anyone without the right equipment and experience. Even small businesses with minimal equipment may discover it is too large a project for the average moving company to accomplish. Attempting this as a DIY project can often cost more than if a professional heavy equipment moving service is hired. There are shipping fees, permits and insurance to worry about and that does not even cover the amount of work required to dismantle, package and reassemble each piece. Hiring a service is the safest method for getting everything where it needs to go safely, and here are some tips for finding the best company. 

Gathering the Information  

Prepare a detailed inventory of all equipment that must be relocated and include all dimensions and weights. Note the date when the machinery will be available for dismantling or prepping for removal as well as the date of when it must be operational at its new location. Be certain to also include addresses of where everything is and where it will be transferred. 

Getting the Quotes

It is sensible to request quotes from several movers because the service can be expensive. However, never compare just the final price because there are a lot of additional fees or conditions that could drastically change the amount before the move is completed. Some companies may charge by weight, some by hour and each may have mileage costs that are not included in their quote. Shipping costs, permits and whether or not the company includes break-down and reassembly are also factors to consider. Know whether or not their price includes the costs for all of the tradespeople, like welders and electricians, that may be needed during break-down and setup or if they will be billing separately. 

Researching the Service 

Businesses can look professional, but lack the necessary skills. In order to perform a plant relocation successfully it takes experience, skilled people and a lot of tools. They should have spent time inspecting the plant and the equipment before offering a quote. They must have the skilled tradespeople available to break down each piece of equipment and set it up again. The company should offer millwright services, rigging services and have all of the tools and equipment necessary including flatbeds, cranes, forklifts as well as many other types of equipment to complete the process. They need to be fully insured, licensed and able to legally transfer equipment between states or internationally, if this is required. 

During a relocation, most businesses are not making any money. This means that a fast, efficient and professional move is necessary to ensure that the company is protected from expensive delays or damage to their equipment. Any company in the midst of a relocation will protect their investment the best by carefully selecting the most experienced and reputable mover available.