3 Services That Your Crane Rental Company Should Be Providing

Renting a crane can be a smart business decision. It allows you to use the equipment that you need when you need it without making a large investment. Plus, you can switch it up and rent different cranes depending on your needs at the time instead of having to make do with the same crane for everything.

There are a lot of crane rental services out there that will allow you to rent a crane for a day, week or however long you need it. However, before you pick one crane rental company, you should look for these services to help ensure that you get the most out of the rental.

1. Delivery

If you don't have a crane, chances are good that you don't have the equipment to transport bare rental cranes either. You should not have to hire a heavy equipment transporting company to help you get the crane to your warehouse or worksite. Instead, the company should provide delivery services for you for free or for a reasonable fee.

2. Set-Up

Setting up a crane is a big job. Along with taking time away from your project, it can also be challenging if you are working with an unfamiliar crane. To help you get to work as soon as possible, you should choose a crane rental company that will come out and set up the crane for you so that it's ready to go. This should also include a basic inspection of the crane to ensure that it has been set up properly, and you should be given a quick how-to on how to use the crane safely.

3. Certified Operators

If you already have your own crane operators on-staff, this might not be something that you are worried about. In general, however, your crane rental company should provide certified crane operators to help you get the job done if you need it. You will generally have to pay extra for this service, but it can be well worth it and much more affordable than outsourcing the work to a temporary operator if you do not already have employees on hand who can operate your crane for you.

As you can see, there are a few services that your crane rental company should be providing for you. Along with comparing prices, types of cranes and other things while shopping around, you should also look for a crane rental service that offers these perks if you want to fully take advantage of what one of these companies has to offer.