Games You Can Play in a Moonwalk Rental

If you rent a moonwalk for your child's next birthday party, guests will most likely have a great time bouncing and socializing with each other. To make the most of your rental, hold some friendly competitive games to keep interest levels piqued during the event. Try the following ideas to make your son or daughter's birthday party the talk of the neighborhood.

Simon Says

Have the birthday child start the process by being "Simon." He or she will yell out a simple bouncing command such as, "Simon says, bounce on one leg," or "Simon says, do five jumping jacks." Each child will follow the instructions inside the moonwalk. When the child gives a command without saying "Simon says" first, and someone follows the instructions, that child will be asked to get out of the moonwalk. The last person inside the moonwalk will win a prize and become "Simon" for the next round.

Animal Bounce Game

Have one of the parents stand outside the moonwalk to give instructions to the children inside. Have them yell out the name of an animal and have the children try to move inside the moonwalk in the way that animal gets around. Try easy bouncing animals like a kangaroo, frog, or rabbit. Afterwards, add some fun animals like a bird, fish, elephant, or snake. Give out a prize to the child that acts most like each animal.

Moon Ball Bounce

Divide the players into two teams. Have one team put a bright-colored bandana on their heads or around their necks so the players can distinguish who is on each team. Have an adult stand at the entryway of the moonwalk with ten colored foam balls, five of one color and five of another. Tell each team which colored ball they are supposed to catch and have the adult throw the balls in randomly. When a child catches a ball for their team, they must bring it back to the adult to throw in again. 

Have another person play music outside the moonwalk. When the music stops, anyone who is holding a ball that belongs to the opposite team will be eliminated. The adult throwing in the balls should try to confuse the players by throwing in two balls at once or throwing in a whole bunch at once, making it easy to pick up the wrong colored ball.

Red Light, Green Light

Have the children get into the moonwalk and tell them when you yell the words "green light" they must bounce around. When you yell the words "Red Light" everyone needs to freeze in place. If you see anyone moving, they need to get out of the moonwalk. Give a prize to the player that lasts the longest.

If you're looking for a moonwalk rental company, find one in your area, such as Rentals And More Inc, and then watch the kids have a great time.