Three Warehouse Equipment Options That Can Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Operating a large warehouse can be an overwhelming task. However, it can be simplified with the right type of equipment to meet your material handling needs. You can bring a high-level of efficiency and productivity to your warehouses. Here are just some of the equipment options you should consider in order to bring these benefits to your warehouse.  

Dock Bumpers

Consider installing dock bumpers. While they might seem like an overlooked addition, dock bumpers are important. Dock bumpers are small rubber guides that are affixed to the dock. They are designed to prevent any trucks pulling up to the dock from colliding with it and causing damage to the dock and any materials loaded on the truck.

When the dock is damaged and inoperable, this can significantly reduce productivity because it slows down the loading and unloading processes. Instead of your team members being able to conveniently process loads at the dock, they will have to complete this process at an area farther away while the dock is being repaired. While it might seem like a minor issue, this can really extend the time it takes to process loads.

Forklift Working Platforms

Undoubtedly, you probably have materials and inventory that reach heights far beyond that which a person can safely reach on their own. While a forklift is great for moving this equipment around, should an individual need to access the inventory without moving it, a forklift working platform can assist with this process.

Forklift working platforms are small enclosures that attach to a forklift, allowing the platform to be raised or lowered as needed. They are generally designed with a heavy duty metal material, such as steel and with tall side rails that keep the person safe while on the platform.

Conveyor Units

Don't make the mistake of assuming conveyor units are only for factories. A conveyor unit can also assist you in your warehouse. This is especially true when it comes to processing loads. Consider installing a conveyor near your dock. As your team is unloading or loading materials on to a truck, you can quickly pass materials between these two points with one of these units.

Conveyor units are available in manual and automatic options. With a manual option, you will need to physically push the item along the unit, so they tend to work better on a surface that is slightly slopped. Automatic units have a revolving belt that move the items along the unit.

Make sure you are using equipment in your warehouse that will help you operate easier. This won't just simplify your process, but it can also have a positive effect on your profits.  For more information about warehouse equipment, contact a professional like Independent Lift Truck Of Alaska.